Tongari Boshi no Memoru - とんがり帽子のメモル

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My passion for Memoru came years after Saint Seiya. It fully unravelled when I started collecting cels and douga. I have always been mesmerized by Memoru watercolored backgrounds and whenever I had the chance to opt for a Memoru cel with background over anyone else, I always immediately pick that one. No doubt. I believe Memoru is a unique gem for its final artistic outcome and for the brilliant fairy atmosphere that the staff was able to create The story itself is not a shiny star in the anime galaxy but the hard work of the character designer Yasuhiko Nakura and the dedication of the whole art section makes Memoru an anime for kids of unmached artistic achievement and outstanding quality.

 Hanken Cel 2 - Full face

 Episode 1 - 10:22

 Episode 1 - 12:47-12:50 + OAV

 Episode 1 - 19:37/19:40

 Episode 3 - 17:19

 Episode 4 - Title cel
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